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MERV 13 is the EPA Recommended Filter to Remove Indoor Air Particulate
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Mike’s Top 5 Tools

Must Have Tools for Every HVAC Technician

Fieldpiece JL3KH6

Technicians today can no longer say, “I think”, “might be” or “probably.” You have to know and be able to show the customer why you know. Gone are the days of “beer can cold.” With this tool, I can identify every problem and know that I fixed it.

Fieldpiece SC680

Most versatile meter… The swivel head makes it easy to read and works great in tight spaces.


No way to troubleshoot without them.

Supco M500

Best tool available to a quick check of the compressor. Easy to read indicator is great for customers. Great predictor of compressor longevity.

JB Prowler LD-5000

Great leak detector… Adjustable sensitivity with pinpoint accuracy. Let your customers use it to find those leaks. Removes any doubt they may have.

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