Don't start another summer with a worn out heating and air system. Blue Water Climate Control has offers multiple leasing options for customers that have experienced credit problems.




Affordable HVAC Financing & Lease-To-Own Options


Microf was established in 2010 to accommodate the growing demand for more flexible options for purchasing a residential heating and cooling system.


We are a relationship-based company that places top priority on the wants and needs of our customers. When paying for a new A/C up front isn’t an option, Microf is your solution. Our trusted contractors will get your A/C up and running fast, so you don’t have to sweat the heat or freeze in the cold. We’ll make sure you get the perfect unit for your home at an affordable price. You can trust Microf for all your HVAC financing and lease purchase needs.



We offer multiple payment terms and options for homeowners with excellent, good or bad credit.



Fast, easy approval process. You only need an ID, active bank account, and steady income.

Fill out an application with Microf today and get your new A/C installed fast.





Atwood Rentals


It's a very simple process with loan options from 36-72 months, low monthly payments that fit your budget. We work with homeowners who may not be approved for traditional financing. Our rent-to-own options are designed especially for those with low credit scores or financial challenges from the past.


Struggling with Poor Credit?

There are no credit checks when you choose to rent your new heating and cooling system from Atwood Rentals. Call us today and ask one of our qualified agents about our rent-to-own options.



Want a More Affordable Option for System Replacement?

Does your heating and/or cooling system needs to be replaced but you can’t afford the hefty up-front cost of a new system? Select the lease term that fits your budget and get your home back to a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank.


Looking for Flexible Payment Plans?

Atwood Rentals offers several payment plans designed to meet a variety of budgets. Contact us today and ask about the payment plan that works for you!


Moving Soon and Need a Temporary System?

It may seem excessive, but if you are planning on moving soon, upgrading your system can boost your home’s value. Atwood Rentals gives you the option to transfer your lease if you move residences, so you won’t be stuck making payments on a system you are no longer using.


Quality Equipment by Licensed Contractor

Atwood rentals and Blue Water Climate Control stand behind the equipment and installation.


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