Rent to Own Your New HVAC System

Why are you continuing to live with a worn-out heating and air system? Blue Water Climate Control has partnered with two companies to provide new heating and air systems Rent-to-Own.

It’s a very simple, convenient process with various loan options that fit your budget. We work with homeowners who may not be approved for traditional financing. Our rent-to-own options are designed especially for those with low credit scores or financial challenges from the past.

Many customers due to circumstances beyond their control are struggling with an older model air conditioner that constantly breaks down or are stuck with a hand-me-down heater, wishing they could afford a new one. We want to help you find comfort in your home by providing rent-to-own options for your heating and cooling systems. Renting your air conditioner or heater is a relatively new concept, but an excellent choice if you don’t want to sacrifice comfort because of hefty up-front costs.

Why Rent Your Heating and Cooling System?

  • Struggling with Poor Credit: There are no credit checks when you choose to rent your new heating and cooling system. Call us today and ask one of our managers about our rent-to-own options.
  • More Affordable Option for System Replacement: Does your heating and/or cooling system need to be replaced but you can’t afford the hefty up-front cost of a new system? Select the lease term that fits your budget and get your home back to a comfortable temperature without breaking the bank.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: We offer several payment plans designed to meet a variety of budgets. Contact us today and ask about the payment plan that works for you!

Quality Equipment by Licensed Contractor

We stand behind the equipment and installation.

  • You get Priority Service!
  • Installation & Old Equipment Removal Included.
  • Successful Installation of Residential Replacement System.
  • Parts & Labor Warranty on ALL Systems for the Life of the Contract.
  • Servicing your New System during the Life of the Contract
  • Veteran Service | Superior Value

Easy Approval Process and Account Management

A dedicated team is here to assist consumers in restoring their heating and cooling needs with an affordable monthly payment including:

  • No Credit Check!
  • No Hidden Charges! We Make the Process Black and White!
  • Working with the Consumer to Determine an Affordable Monthly Payment Including any Applicable Discounts.
  • Working to Restore the Consumers’ Heating and Cooling Needs with the Lowest Possible Cost.
  • Servicing the Consumer’s Account on an Ongoing Basis while Treating them with Dignity, Kindness, and Respect.
  • Helps the Consumer Successfully Gain Ownership of their Heating and Cooling System.
  • Priority Service!
Schedule an Estimate

Call 865-299-2290 or book an appointment online.

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