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Furnace & Heat Pump Maintenance in Knoxville

Heating system repairs and replacements are reactive responses to what is typically an unpleasant situation. Get proactive with a quality heating system maintenance plan. As furnaces and heat pumps age, they become susceptible to problems. Neglected heaters wear down, lose efficiency, run louder, run up utility bills, and fail faster. Blue Water Climate Control offers preventive heating system maintenance in Knoxville that will ensure your furnace or heat pump powers you through the cold winter uninterrupted. The goal of preventive maintenance is to protect your investment and lengthen the life of your current HVAC system.

Your System Needs a Tune-up If…

Your heater is running but:

  • It is blowing cold air
  • It seems to run forever
  • It can’t keep up on really cold days
  • My utility bill was outrageous
  • It is really noisy

In these situations and others like them, we recommend an heating system tune-up and furnace safety inspection. We offer seasonal specials that keep it in budget. Our HVAC tune-ups aren’t cursory inspections. Our maintenance technicians work to industry standards and guidance published by Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). They perform a detailed checklist that doesn’t just make a list of repairs but performs necessary checks and adjustments.

Now is the Time to Join Our Smooth Sailing Service Plan

We offer our clients seasonal inspections, repair discounts, and annual tune-ups for one low annual price. Just look at all that is included with the Smooth Sailing Service Plan:

  • ZSemi-annual seasonal inspections to perform routine checks
  • Z10% off parts and labor on all HVAC repairs
  • ZAnnual 40 point diagnostic of your entire heating & air system including duct work
  • ZPrioritized response to air conditioning repair and maintenance needs
  • ZNever pay overtime fees for those weekend and after hour’s HVAC emergencies
  • ZLow monthly payment options
  • ZLoyalty plan: Accrue $100 per consecutive year to be used toward an AC system replacement

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Blue Water Quality with Serious Savings

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American Standard Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

No more waiting until the perfect weather to open your windows. Changes air volume as much as twice per day year-round.

Indoor Air Quality

The ERV reduces indoor air pollutants by changing out your indoor air volume with fresh outside air. The goal is to balance the exchange of the home’s stale air with fresh outside air while recovering as much of the heating or cooling energy as possible.


  • ZSummer: Cools and Dehumidifies
  • ZWinter: Recovers Heat and Moisture
  • ZLow Maintenance and Longer Life
  • ZSlide-Out Filter is Easy to Access & Clean
  • ZVentilates Your Air 24/7
  • ZEasy to Install
AccuComfort™ Platinum 20

An AccuComfort™ system can improve heating capacity by as much as 20%.

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Rent to Own Your New HVAC System

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