Blue Water Climate Control wants to take away the stress of keeping track of your inspections while saving you money. Our Smooth Sailing Service Plan offers our clients seasonal inspections, repair discounts, and annual tune-ups for one low annual price. Our Smooth Sailing Service Plan is free for one year with all air conditioning unit installations.


Service Plan includes:

• Semi-annual seasonal inspections to perform routine checks.

• 10% off parts and labor on all HVAC repairs - The savings here alone will pay for your annual plan.

• An annual 40 point diagnostic of your entire heating and air system including duct work.

• Prioritized response to air conditioning repair and maintenance needs

• Never pay overtime fees for those weekend and after hour’s emergencies.

• Low monthly payments

• Loyalty plan- Earn $100/yr toward a replacement heating and air system




$16.95/mo for the first unit. 50% off for each additional unit.


$180.00 for the first unit. 50% off for each additional unit.


Saves $35 per year for two units.

Contact us right now and ask for the online price.

You’ll get the entire year for $150 and $75 for each additional unit.

“I've been very pleased with BWCC. Each time I have contacted them (for different issues!), they have been able to get out to my home quickly, and their service has been excellent, both technically and from a customer service viewpoint. I was happy enough that I signed a service contract, which I have never done before; they come out twice a year to perform preventative maintenance which really gives me some peace of mind. I appreciate the direct manner that the service technicians communicate with me... they really listen. They are eager to educate so that I don't make mistakes like cheaping out on an air filter, and explain what they are doing and WHY. That's very important to me. Well done.” S. Schwan

Home heating and air systems are not maintenance free. Some HVAC systems are unable to achieve the manufacturer’s performance objectives because the system:

• Was incorrectly designed, selected, or installed, or


• Is beyond the normal service life, or


• Has suffered neglect for long periods of time.

Blue Water Climate Control offers routine HVAC inspections and preventative maintenance checks on your heating and air system that:


• Prevent unnecessary failures to your air conditioning unit, furnace, and air handlers that start adding up over the life of your unit.


• Promote the efficiency of your heating and air system saving you money on your monthly utility bills, gas and electric. Your heating and air system is the largest energy consumer in your home. More than half of your monthly utility bill is from heating and cooling your home.


• Predict costly failures on your HVAC system that allows you to plan rather than be caught off guard by an unplanned air conditioning unit installation.


• Extend the life of your heating and air system, getting the most from the most significant investment that you make in your home.

Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) recommends annual to semiannual inspections and maintenance based on the type of equipment and the environment in which they are operated. East Tennessee’s changing weather especially during season changes requires many Tennesseans to cycle their units between heat and cool. This frequency of operation makes semiannual inspections imperative to the health of your heating and cooling system.


Your home warranty… Blue Water Climate Control is a vendor for several of the large home warranty companies in the area. We’ve seen a number of heating and air claims be denied due to no record of HVAC maintenance or inspection of the home’s heating and air system. We’ve also seen a number of homeowners reverse these decisions by providing these records. Home warranties are often offered as a part of buying new homes. Blue Water Climate Control strongly recommends that the purchaser of the home insist on a complete heating and air inspection by a licensed HVAC contractor.


Seasonal or Home Selling Inspections: $89.99 for the first system, half price each for additional air conditioning systems. Be sure to check in for special offers during Spring and Fall.


You can save $60 per year by subscribing to our Smooth Sailing Service Plan. You can also spread that out into low monthly payments.




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