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Duct Cleaning

We partner with Marshall Cleaning Service to provide duct cleaning. Using an advanced system, we remove all the dust in your vents without making a mess in the process. It’s easy, convenient, and affordable to clean your air ducts.

iWave-R Residential Air Cleaner

iWave-R is the world’s first self-cleaning, no maintenance needlepoint bi-polar ionization generator designed specifically for treating air in residential duct A/C systems, killing mold, bacteria and viruses, reducing allergens, smoke and static electricity, and controlling odors.

Solace Air Cleaner

The best air quality solutions address the cause rather than symptoms, using a whole-house indoor air cleaning strategy. Your heating and cooling system move over 1 million cubic feet of air every day through your home.

Energy or Heat Recovery Ventilation

Reduce Indoor Air pollutants by changing out your indoor air volume with fresh outside air. The goal of a ventilation system is to balance the exchange of the home’s stale air with fresh outside air while recovering as much of the heating or cooling energy as possible.

iWave-C Commercial Air Cleaner

iWave-C is a self-cleaning, bi-polar ionization generator for actively treating a building’s air quality that does not require replacement parts in a year or two like competing UV lights or other ionizer technologies.

SolaceAir Germicidal UVC System

Our high-output germicidal UVC lamps kill or deactivate airborne viruses, bacteria, germs, and other bioaerosols that travel through your HVAC system and recirculate throughout your home.

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