I’ll Fix It When It Dies!

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Why do I need a heating and air system service plan?

Home heating and air systems are not maintenance-free. Many heating and air conditioning systems are unable to achieve the manufacturer’s performance objectives because of the system:

  • Was incorrectly designed, selected, or installed, or
  • Is beyond the normal service life, or
  • Has suffered neglect for long periods of time.
It’s a slow death.

Your brand new system if installed and matched correctly is running at top efficiency. Even after a couple of years, there is no apparent sign of slowing down. But as time passes, your outdoor coil starts to get a layer of dirt and debris, contactors start sticking, capacitors start diminishing, and the bugs and things start to make a home of that warm, dry casing. The motors and compressors begin running hotter. That coil just isn’t transferring heat as that layer gets thicker. The compressor and motors start to work harder, draw more current, and remove less heat. Hotter motors have hotter bearings that wear much quicker and it’s getting noticeably louder than it used to be. Because we measure everything in dollars and cents, the slow loss of efficiency in your heat pump or air conditioner goes unnoticed until… There’s a big bump in your utility bill or it just stops running all together. Of course, it never stops running on a pleasant Tuesday afternoon and you have your windows open anyway. It’s 10 or 90 degrees and the in-laws are on the way.

All of these things are going to happen. But they happen at a much more rapid rate if they are neglected. Your AC unit will last a very long time with fairly minor maintenance practices and inspections. Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) recommends annual to semiannual inspections and maintenance based on the type of equipment and the environment in which they are operated. East Tennessee’s changing weather especially during season transitions requires many Tennesseans to cycle their units between heat and cool. This frequency of operation makes semiannual inspections imperative to the health of your heating and cooling system.


Routine HVAC inspections and preventative maintenance checks on your heating and air system will:
  • Prevent unnecessary failures to your air conditioning unit, furnace, and air handlers that start adding up over the life of your unit.
  • Promote the efficiency of your heating and air system saving you money on your monthly utility bills, gas, and electricity. Your heating and air system is the largest energy consumer in your home. More than half of your monthly utility bill is from heating and cooling your home.
  • Predict costly failures on your HVAC system that allows you to plan rather than be caught off guard by an unplanned air conditioning unit installation.
  • Extend the life of your heating and air system, getting the most from the most significant investment that you make in your home.



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