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How Much is an AC Replacement Part 1 of 6

When a heating and air company comes to your home to give you an estimate for a new unit, there are 4 major questions that determine the overall cost. There is a 5th question that drives cost. However, for most installs, it is a minor player. We’ll classify those as miscellaneous costs and go over some of those as well.
This will be a six-part series where we will deal with each question and end with a couple of examples:

  • Part 1: Split or Package
  • Part 2: Gas, Heat Pump, or Both
  • Part 3: Tonnage/capacity
  • Part 4: Efficiency
  • Part 5: Miscellaneous Costs
  • Part 6: Examples

Part 1: Split or Package

What’s the difference?

A heating and air conditioning system is comprised of several subsystems: refrigeration, ventilation, gas, condensate drains, electrical controls, etc. These systems can be all within one cabinet/package or split into two separate cabinets. Hence the names package and split. The subsystem most effected is refrigeration.
Just a quick overview of the refrigeration system:


In a packaged system, the entire Refrigeration Subsystem will be contained in one cabinet commonly located outside the home (inside if geothermal). In a split system, the Refrigeration Subsystem will be in two cabinets. The two components above the dividing line in Figure 1 will be in one cabinet. The two components below will be in another. The two above will be in the air handler or near the furnace located somewhere inside or under the home. The two components below the dividing line will be in the condenser located outside the home. In a split system, the condenser and compressor will be connected to the evaporator by an extended suction and liquid line. These lines will made of copper. They will run through your walls, attic, basement, or crawlspace. The liquid line will be insulated with a foam rubber sleeve. This line connecting the two is called the lineset.

Why does it matter?

Our focus is “How much is an AC Replacement?” That’s all we’ll discuss here, why is there a difference in price for the two?

The primary contributor to cost in any air conditioning installation is the equipment. When it comes to package and split, it’s similar to the difference between buying a truck or buying a car and a trailer. With a truck, you might sacrifice passenger space and comfort for towing power and loading capacity. With a car and trailer, you have some more options but where do you park the trailer? At the lower end of efficiency and size, a package unit will cost more than a split system. As size and efficiency goes up, split systems will top out at much higher prices than a package unit.

The second major cost difference between package and split is the installation itself. Generally, installation of a split system is more tedious and longer than a package unit. The most significant difficulty of a package unit is the sheer weight of the unit and handling. The outdoor portion of split system is typically straightforward without many complications. The indoor portion is complicated by access to the location, brazing, pressure testing, and greater car needed to prevent moisture issues.

How Can I Tell What I Have

You should not feel bad if you are not sure whether you have a split system or package unit. You are in the minority if you know. The easiest way to tell is by looking at the outdoor unit.

Check Out Part 2 to get more details on How Much is an AC Unit.



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