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Effective Heating Solutions

Here at Blue Water Climate Control, we know that every home is unique and requires a specific kind of HVAC system to keep the building warm, insulated, and comfortable. Our professionals are skilled at resolving malfunctioning issues for any type of heating system. 

Whether you need a component repair on your geothermal heating system, an upgrade to your air conditioning unit, or a brand new heating system overhaul, you can rely on us to be timely, cost-effective, and incredibly thorough. Call us the moment you are experiencing any kind of problem related to:

How to Know When You Need Heating Repair

Modern heating systems generally last for many years longer than air conditioning systems. However, if they aren’t well-maintained by heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality specialists, they can break down more easily over time. If your heat pump or heating system needs repair, you might notice a few telltale signs before the system breaks down altogether. These include strange loud or unusual noises, burning odors, decreased energy efficiency, too much dust in the air filter, compressor issues, and uneven distribution of warm air. Learn more about how to determine if you need a heating replacement.

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