Heating Installation

Personalizing Your HVAC System

Blue Water Climate Control personalizes your experience to find the option for heating installation that will precisely match your needs. Our specialists fully take into account all the elements of your property, from its size and spaciousness to the number of occupants and rooms which are most commonly used. 

Our goal is to ensure your heating installation is handled correctly the first time around, saving you time and money on your heating needs. Our heating systems are built to be powerful yet efficient at the same time, keeping your comfort up and your cost down. When all you need is warm air in your home, we’ll make sure your new heat pump, furnace, or mini-split system works perfectly. Contact us at (865) 299-2290 to receive a complimentary estimate for any type of heater installation.

We Service All Types of Heating Systems

Heat Pumps​

A versatile system for your year-round indoor heating and cooling needs


Including forced air furnaces and electric resistance heating furnaces

Mini-Split Systems​

A wall-mounted unit that delivers air directly into the room

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