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The Leaders in Knoxville Air Conditioning Repair Service

If you live in Knoxville, TN (or any of the surrounding areas), you know a working air conditioning unit is not a luxury — it is a necessity. When your air conditioner is broken, your physical comfort is not the only thing at stake. When temperatures in your home become unbearable, your mental and emotional well-being plummets.


We don’t want you to suffer. As a Blue Water Climate Control customer, YOU DON’T HAVE TO.


Knoxville, Maryville, Loudon, Lenoir City, Oak Ridge, Seymour, and all of the surrounding communities contact us today for:


• Heat Pumps

• Central Air Systems

• Mini-Split systems (Ductless)

• Split Systems

• Package Units


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The Right Repair, the Right Way, the First Time!

Do not spend another day in an uncomfortable house while you wait for your AC System to perform. At Blue Water Climate Control, AC repairs are our highest priority. When our HVAC service technicians arrive at your home, we’re committed to:


The Right Repair- We identify the problem with AC using proven troubleshooting techniques.

The Right Way- We work to all air conditioning industry standards and regulations.

The First Time- Being trapped by an HVAC technician that needs access to your home is a hassle, second and third trips for the same problem are unacceptable to you and to us.


Payment Options

We accept all major forms of payment, including PayPal.

Monthly payment options are available. Ask your HVAC service technician at the completion of your work or get approved before the visit by visiting our Financing page.


Common AC Repairs in Our Area

Faulty wiring

Faulty wiring is a major concern and very often difficult to diagnose. Bad wiring can prevent the unit from getting sufficient power or cause the circuit breaker to repeatedly trip. This not only keeps your air conditioner from top performance, it can also be a safety hazard. Our certified HVAC technicians specialize in identifying and repairing wiring problems.


Low or no refrigerant (aka Freon)

The refrigerant is the chemical needed to transfer heat from one place to another in your AC system, from inside to outside during the summer. Low refrigerant levels are caused by leaks or poor maintenance practices. Leaks need to be located and repaired as soon as possible. Our heating and air conditioning service trucks are outfitted with special equipment to locate refrigerant or freon leaks.


Outdoor air conditioning unit is malfunctioning

A quite common problem we hear is “My fan isn’t turning.” The primary function of that fan is to convey heat from the home to the outside air. Without that fan, heat transfer will not take place and the air conditioning unit’s compressor could overheat damaging the compressor. Common causes are bad motor, failed contactor, or, probably the most well-known of all, the capacitor. When the outdoor air conditioning unit is not up to par, Blue Water has the HVAC specialists in Knoxville, TN on the case to identify the problem and repair the unit.


Frozen coils

Insufficient air flow is generally the cause of frozen coils. Dirty filters, obstructed air ducts, or reduced levels of refrigerant are contributing factors to frozen coils. Our Knoxville cooling pros are trained duct design and troubleshooting and the techniques to locate and find the problems concerned with frozen coils.





*No Diagnostic fee with repair


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