Product Review: Solace Air Electronic Air Cleaner

How long have human beings spent most of their lives indoors?

The answer: not very long. In fact, up until a few hundred years ago, we were hardly ever inside. Even our dwellings were fully exposed to the elements.

While that might sound awful to modern people, it had its benefits. The fresh air we breathed nonstop was cleansed by Mother Nature herself, keeping it safer and more pleasant.

Today, the air we breathe is a major concern for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and indoor air quality researchers around the world. Homeowners seeking to remedy this have tried countless products over the years to clean their air with varying results.

In my time as an HVAC professional, I’ve seen dozens of these products come and go. But recently, polarized media electronic air cleaners have changed the way homeowners see the problem of air pollution in their homes. Plus, they’ve changed the way I do business when it comes to heating and cooling my customers’ houses.

The Importance of Clean Indoor Air

Remember when you were a kid and ran your fingers through the dust particles in a sunbeam streaming through your window? Every time you take a breath, those particles are going right into your lungs. And the truth is that those are only the ones visible to the naked eye – the vast majority (98 percent) of airborne particles are below 1 micron in size.

How often do you think about the quality of the air you and your family breathe all day – every day? The EPA says that the air inside your home can be as much as 10 times worse than outside air. That means anyone with allergies, chronic illnesses, or other health problems can be affected every time they take a breath.

Fighting Against Dangerous Particles

It’s tough for our immune systems to hold up the fight against the incredible abundance of dangerous submicron particles that fill our indoor air space. Even traditional air filters miss a huge number of these particles, some of which can be seriously dangerous to breathe in – especially over time.

That’s why it’s important to find an exceptionally high efficiency electronic polarized media air cleaning system to complement your central heating and cooling system.

As an HVAC specialist with years of experience looking into the effects of indoor air pollution, the best way I’ve found to protect your indoor air quality is with a polarized media electronic air cleaner.

How Polarized Media Air Cleaners Work

Polarized media electronic air cleaners are installed directly into the filter racks of your existing heating and cooling system, replacing your original filters.

Then, they work to create a polarized electric field that zaps particles from household cleaners, dust, carpets, smoke, vinyl coverings, pressed wood products, pets, and more. Those particles are then easily collected and controlled to prevent allergic reactions – all from the equivalent of a lamp microwatt output. Media electronic air cleaner products in the past have performed in similar ways, but never this efficient in both low and high airflow environments, and regardless of air resistance.

Working as a whole house IAQ system (Indoor Air Quality system), the fixed mount UVC & UVV system can work at peak efficiency to remove airborne contaminants. The activated carbon filters come in custom size panels and pads to provide clean air for your whole house that’s safer and has fewer odors.  

The Exceptional Value of the Solace Air Cleaner

SolaceAir has built upon the framework of existing electronic polarized media technology to introduce new and superior cleaners, providing exceptionally high efficiency as the highest output UVC systems on the market.

Built from industrial strength activated carbon, SolaceAir air cleaners are the ultra efficient particulate removal system I always recommend. By using a safe, 24 volt current to create a polarized electric field, they’re able to force particulates to adhere to the media where they are captured and removed from your air.

The SolaceAir cleaner system has numerous advantages, including:

·         Eliminates mold’s food sources

·         97% capture rate at .3 microns

·         Reduces VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from household air

·         Removes breathable particulates

·         Far more powerful than previous systems from similar manufacturers

·         Effectively destroy viruses and bacteria

·         Low maintenance requirements with a long service life

·         Controls biological agents like pollen, dust mites, molds

One of the biggest benefits of the SolaceAir air cleaner system is how long it lasts. The typical pad can work to filter out the smallest sub micron particles for months on end.

While some polarized media air cleaners can only function for a few weeks before they need replacing, the SolaceAir air cleaner lasts much longer and only takes a few minutes to change. Plus, the extreme durability of the industrial strength activated carbon means you won’t have to give a second thought to the frame itself for years to come.

SolaceAir also offers remote mount UVC/UVV air cleaner products to ensure your house IAQ system applies electrical charges to airborne particles to make them easier to collect on each pass through your home system.

Helping Attain Maximum Air Cleaning Capability

When the smallest of particles are potentially the most dangerous to your health, it’s wise to be vigilant. And while a few decades ago there may have been very few ways to combat them, technological advancements now mean you no longer have to sit idly by. To clean your home’s air at optimal efficiency, you need to take advantage of this technology and keep your family happy and healthy.

With a whole house IAQ system, you can ensure healthy air for years to come. By utilizing the polarized media air cleaners from SolaceAir, you should have no problem removing particles like bacteria, gases, dust, and other contaminants from your household air.

As a professional HVAC technician, I stand by the air cleaner products offered by SolaceAir. There may be multiple polarized media electronic air cleaner companies out there, but few come close to their excellent quality.